Scalabrinians are at the service of migrants.

The multitude of reasons that force people to move inspired the Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini to get involved in the reality of migration and to invite others to follow him on this issue. Many years have passed since, but these reasons haven’t changed much, nor has the condition of the migrant people. They were called the children of poverty then, they are still the children of poverty today.

If you see injustice in the way migrants are treated, if you are concerned for their spiritual and cultural conditions, if you are convinced that through migrations better relations can be forged among individuals and nations, then you are already sharing something with our Founder.

Following his example, the Scalabrinians continue to fight for the cause of the migrant, working to ensure that their human rights are fully respected. They remain particularly sensitive to the protection and promotion of the faith and cultural values of migrants and to the appreciation of opportunities for dialogue.

The Scalabrinians work for justice and the possibility that migrants have an opportunity to seek development in life, even if they remain convinced that true development originates from the spirit. Economic achievement is not the ultimate goal in life. The true objective in life is to become what we are, children of God, no more scattered but reunited in one big family.
Dispersed migrants long for communion and community, the Scalabrinians build them for them, with them, opening the road to fulfillment and joy.

Aware that they are a little group, the Scalabrinians pursue their mission with humility, thankful that many others are committed to the same ideals, and aware that no achievement is permanent as we struggle toward the Promised Land. If you think the Lord is calling you and would like to know more about the Congregation or some guidance in discerning what is best for you, please contact:  

In Australia, Mascot, NSW -

Fr. Gesner Felix
Ph (02) 9667 3040

or Mosman, NSW -

Provincial Superior
Ph (02) 9404 0009 / email: sfcp@scalabrini.asn.au

In the Philippines, Manila -

Fr. Thomas Ruiz
Ph (63-02) 722 2651 / email: csvocations1@gmail.com
website www.csvocations.org.ph

In Indonesia, Maumere -

Fr. Marcello Martinez
Ph (062) 382 23846 / email: nenenefechz@hotmail.com

In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh -

Fr. Reinaldo Vassoler  email: fvassoler@hotmail.com  or
Fr. Van Dinh Nguyen  
email: nguyenvan.dinh@gmail.com

They are waiting to hear from you!



Prayer for the Scalabrinian Year of Vocations
28 Nov 2011 – 28 Nov 2012


from whom all vocations come,
you sent your Son Jesus Christ
to walk with us.
Enlighten us on our journey
so that we may choose to walk with the migrants
and share with them
the light of the Word and the bread of the Eucharist.
Give us courage and perseverance
to respond to your will,
thus following the steps of your Son Jesus
and of the Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini.

Migrant Jesus, we pray:
call young people to respond to the challenges
of human mobility and displacement.
Strengthened by your Spirit,
may they continue your plan
to welcome all in your love.

Holy Spirit,
in this Jubilee and Vocational Year,
renew in us the missionary fervor
so that we may reveal Christ’s presence in the world
and all may come to say:
"Stay with us, Lord".