Lay Scalabrinians


The Lay Scalabrinians are persons who share the approach of the Scalabrinians to issues of human mobility, in particular issues regarding migrants, refugees and seafarers.
The Lay Scalabrinians commit themselves to deepen the understanding of migration in its different forms and typologies and to act for a society in which migrants, refugees and seafarers are welcomed and respected.
Lay Scalabrinians cooperate in the activities of the Scalabrinians according to their expertise and availability.
The possibility for missionary stages in different parts of the world are also available for those who intend to dedicate some time at the service of migrants.

If you are interested in becoming a Lay Scalabrinian please contact:

In Asia:

Fr Tomas M Ruiz, Chaplain for Scalabrini Lay Association (SLA)
Tel: (092) 7289 7344

In Australia:

Fr Savino Bernardi, Provincial Superior
Tel: (02) 9404 0009