The 1952 Pioneer Scalabrinian group: Fathers Nino Setti, Dante Orsi, Ignazio Militello and Tarcisio Prevedello.


Recent photos of Fathers Dante Orsi and Ignazio Militello


The Scalabrinians arrived in Australia on 2 November, 1952. The history of their presence in this nation reflects the development of the Italian community and of migration in Australia.

In the initial phase they reached out to scattered communities of Italians, from the cane and tobacco plantations in Queensland to the groups in Tasmania, and New South Wales.

In a second moment they contributed to the formation of communities in the urban areas, particularly in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle and Wollongong, but also in smaller cities like Shepparton and Red Cliffs.

A third phase was marked by the involvement with the assistance to the ageing immigrant communities, particularly through the establishment of nursing homes and hostels, like the Scalabrini Village in NSW and Villaggio San Carlo in Victoria. At the same time the group reached out to other ethnic communities, particularly those from South America.

Currently, the Scalabrinians have further diversified their presence with immigrant groups, particularly the Filipinos and those of Portuguese and Spanish language, and have continued in a variety of services for migrants.

Provincial Assembly in 2011 (above) and
50th Anniversary of Unanderra (below)


For more information on the history and presence of the Scalabrinians in Australia see our pages on Migration Services in the 'What We Do'  section.