Stella Maris


Stella Maris - Manila (formerly known as the Apostleship of the Sea) is an Apostolate of the Catholic Church for seafarers, with an international network of more than 100 Stella Maris Centres and about 300 Stella Maris offices throughout the world.

It offers friendly assistance to seafarers of every nation, race, colour, custom and religion knowing that seafarers, by nature of their work are vulnerable to problems, related to faith, culture, relationships at home and at work, health and occupational conditions and to personal adjustment and wellbeing.

It interacts with all National and International Organisations, private Agencies and Maritime Institutions in a constant work of advocacy and protection on behalf of seafarers.

It reaches out to seafarers' families and to maritime students with programs of counselling, information and value formation.

Services include: Ship visitation, sick visitation, transportation, liturgical/spiritual services, Christian and value formation seminars, pre-departure orientation seminars, special projects, legal assistance, assistance to seafarers' families, reading materials, newsletter publications.


Contact details:

Stella Maris - Manila
Pius XII Catholic Center
1175 United Nations Ave
Paco, MM. 1002 Manila

PO Box 2927
Manila 1099

Tel: (2) 527-0337 - Tel/Fax (2) 527-2638