Our Migration Services

Our Migration Services in our Province of Australia-Asia include:

- Working as formators in Formation Houses or Seminaries (we have six formation houses in our Province)

- Administering and providing pastoral care in Parishes and Migrant Centres (at present, we have 6 parishes in Australia and 2 in Taiwan)

- Providing pastoral care in chaplaincies for different ethnic communities within our Parishes and outside our Parishes (Italian, Spanish speaking, Portuguese speaking, Filipino, Chinese; in the Province we have over ten of these chaplaincies)

- Conducting “flying missions” with Italian migrants in various places in Australia and even outside Australia

- Administering and providing pastoral care in seafarers centres (we have 1 such centre in the Province) and in migrant reception centres (we have 2 such centres in the Province)

- Working in migration study centres (in the Province, we have 1 such centre)

- Working in church offices for migrants, at diocesan and national level (in the Province, we have 2 such offices at diocesan level, 2 at national level and we have the Provincial Office at the level of the whole Province)

- Providing support and pastoral care to Homes for Ageing Migrants (in Australia, 7 such homes).