Formation Centres

Our Formation Programs aim to prepare young men to become religious and missionaries: religious, namely radical disciples of Jesus Christ who was poor, chaste and obedient; missionaries in the footsteps of Blessed Scalabrini, namely to become migrants with the migrants for the sake of the Kingdom of God and to devote their lives to the assistance of migrants. 

The training period is divided into five different stages: Propaedeutic or Preparatory Year, Philosophy, Postulancy, Novitiate, and Theology (including one or more years of missionary in-training). Its purpose is to help the candidate achieve human maturity, adequate academic education and a deep spiritual, religious and pastoral Scalabrinian formation.

Students reside at our Formation Centres and are supported by the Congregation through contributions from our Parishes and Mission Centers/Chaplaincies and through a Bursary Fund formed by donations given by generous people in the Province.


For Propaedeutic or Preparatory (1 year):

Missionaris Scalabrinian, Biara St. Karolus
Jalan Ulumbu, Kampung Maumere
Ruteng, Flores NTT 86508
Tel (62) 385 21450
Rector: Fr. Guntur Ansensius  -

For Philosophy (4 years):

Misionaris St. Carolus Borromeus
Jalan Kolombeke No. 1
Kelurahan Nangalimang
Maumere, Flores NTT 86112
Tel (062) 382 23846
Rector: Fr. Marcelo Martinez  -


Indonesian candidates will give their further formation in the Philippines.