Opened 1 June 2008

- Chaplaincy to the Spanish and Portuguese speaking migrants
- Chaplaincy to the Italian speaking migrants

"From our humble beginnings as a combined church/school in 1952 then known as St Peters and part of the Cabramatta parish, to our first church in 1961 and then to our current church in 1991. From ex Army C.U.S.A. huts serving as school class rooms to the present modern facilities we call Our Lady of Mt Carmel Primary School. From an essentiall rural area in the 40's to that of a typical modern suburb with a truly multicultural community that has reflected the immigration of the nation. It truly has been a long and wonderful journey..."     Fr Anthony Fregolent 50th Anniversary Letter to Parishioners 2011

230 Humphries Road, Bonnyrigg NSW 2177
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Dee Why opened 1 April 1965

- Chaplaincy to Filipino Migrants

50 Oaks Ave, Dee Why NSW 2099
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Narraweena opened 1 July 2009

55 Warratah Parade, Narraweena NSW 2099
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The Parish of St. Kevin was established in 1928, and was blessed by Cardinal Gilroy on 29 April 1962. The original school and convent were built in the following years.

In 1946 the new parish of Narrabeen was formed and in 1959 Narraweena became the centre of another new parish. The parishes of Dee Why and Narraweena were amalgamated on 1st July 2009, forming the new Catholic Parish of Warringah.

In April 1965 the benevolence of Cardinal Gilroy, Archbishop of Sydney, offered the parish of St. Kevin to the Scalabrini Fathers.

The Parish Priest and his assistant priests look after the many migrants among the parish, including the Italian, Filipino, Spanish, Korean and Dutch background. Though appropriate that they should give assistance to the migrants of the district, the Priests are focused on the spiritual welfare of all Catholic families of both communities in the parish.



Opened 1 July 2002

- Chaplaincy to the Italian Community
- Chaplaincy to the Spanish speaking migrants


In April 1885 when Mascot parish was established it was cut off from Mount Carmel parish, Waterloo. The latter parish had built a small stone church, St Bernard's, on Botany Road in 1860.
In 1911, North Botany, where the church, school, convent and new presbytery were situated, was renamed Mascot, and the parish became St Bernard's, Mascot.
In 1940, an outstanding red brick church was to be built, St Therese's, on Sutherland Street, in front of the new school.  It was opened by Cardinal Gilroy on the First Sunday of Advent 1940 when the first Mass was said in it. 
In 1954 a presbytery, school and convent were built on the land alongside where St Therese church and school were placed.
This was now the parish centre and the parish became St Therese Mascot.


45 Sutherland Street, Mascot NSW 2020
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Opened 16 September 1969


- Episcopal Vicar for Migrants
- Chaplaincy to the Italian Community
- Chaplaincy to the Spanish speaking migrants
- Chaplaincy to the Filipino migrants
- Chaplaincy to the Portuguese speaking migrants


Established in 1883, Saint Brigid's North Fitzroy has been, and remains, one of Melbourne's great parishes.  The foundation stone of the bluestone church had been laid in 1869 and was later extended with the addition of the side aisles and a sacristy as is seen today.  The parish also has a second church, Saint Mark's in North Carlton, built in 1935.

378 Nicholson Street, North Fitzroy VIC 3068
Tel: (03) 9489 6906 (community)  Tel: (03) 9489 6777 (parish office)
Fax: (03) 9489 9926


Opened 14 August 1970

- Chaplaincy to the Italian Community

The foundation stone of St. Peters Church, Epping (the Sister Parish) was laid in 1895 and  became a parish in 1910. During the 60's a new church/school was built in Lalor which was later officially opened by Bishop Fox. These buildings consisted of a modest sanctuary and sacristy together with 3 classrooms and a nuns room.
Bricks and mortar were the foundations the symbol of a new life, a new growth and a new beginning not only of St Luke's but the hopes and aspirations of its new settlers. St, Luke's Primary School which was built some years before the new parish was created.
The1970s, saw the beginning of a new era. The population of Lalor Thomastown at this time consisted of 40% Italian speaking, 30% Australian speaking, 30% other languages, with Maltese being the largest of these languages.   The ethnic mix of the settlers was still growing. This booming migrant population required a different of approach to the way of living that had existed. It required a range of new strategies to cope with the existing and also to allow for the new needs of the migrants who were eager to take up the challenge of settling into the Australian way of life. To cater to this challenge the Scalabrini Fathers, with 3 of their priests Fathers Remigio Birollo Dante Orsi, and John Mello were asked to replace the traditional Anglo diocesan priests.
Today the parish is a dynamic organisation expanding and adjusting to the ever changing needs of its parishioners.

1A David Street, Lalor VIC 3075
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Opened 26 August 1961

- Chaplaincy to the Spanish speaking community
- Chaplaincy to the Filipino migrants
- Chaplaincy to the Chinese community


In 1956 the original Gleneagles Church was set in place and administered as part of the Woodville Parish. In 1958 discussions between the Scalabrinians and the then Archbishop of Adelaide, Matthew Beovich, began and in 1961 the Archbishop issued a formal invitation to the Scalabrinians "to come to Adelaide to take charge of a proposed new Parish of Gleneagles.."

The Scalabrinians arrived in August 1961 and took over the administration of the Lower North Adelaide Parish in September. On October 1st, 1961, the Scalabrinian Fathers celebrated their first mass at Gleneagles.

In 1975, because of continuing growth of the Parish, meetings and dicussions took place to determine whether a new church should be built. As a result a large octagonal church and library (within the school) was constructed and subsequently blessed by Archbishop Gleeson on 28 April 1978.

36 Airdrie Ave, Seaton SA 5023
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- Chaplaincy to the Italian speaking migrants
- Chaplaincy to the Hispano-American community

16 Villiers Street, New Farm QLD 4005
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