Prayer to Blessed Scalabrini

Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini
you were chosen
by Divine Providence
to become the faithful servant
of Christ to the Church
and to your people, the apostle of catechism and the father
to the migrants.

With the wisdom of your faith and strength of your courage,
guide us in our pilgrimage
of life to face the daily challenges and difficulties,
knowing that in everything
the providential love of God
is at work to bring us all
to a new fullness of life in Jesus
and to live in harmony with one another.

Listen to our prayer
and entrust our petitions to Jesus 
through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Extend your protection to all who live and work 
in foreign lands and at sea,
to their families at home
and to all who call on you in their sorrow and distress.

Thus free from fear and with a joyful heart
we may give glory to God
through Jesus our Lord.